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23 November 2015

Paper Wasps

{just hatched...}
{Paper wasps build papery nests. they are very aggressive and can sting multiple times...}
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Our Week: {2015: 47/52}

{so the rain came! after no rain for over 4 weeks, water restrictions in place and severe heat waves with temperatures over 37C, it provided such relief!}

{still recovering... Gemma having an afternoon nap... something that NEVER happens in our house!}
{Tintin sunning himself... he can never be warm enough...}

{Jamie has been a ball of energy...}
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17 November 2015

Chaka's Rock Tidal Pools

{Chaka's Rock Tidal Pools is a very special place... with some of the most shallow-growing corals in the world... one can see a myriad of sealife by just snorkelling in the shallow water... and Salt Café is just a few steps from the beach... they have wonderful coffee and delicious pizza!}