14 December 2014

In the Garden

Our Last Week

{Gemma and her little friends}

{munchkin Jamie, always full of smiles...}

{all by herself...then she asked me, 'Mommy what is it?'}

{anniversary pressies plus Swedish chocolate from our wonderful tenant}

{Jamie's chameleon}

{Jamie has been asking me to take her photo lately}

{my precious Santas or as Jamie would say Santa Christmases}

7 December 2014

Just too Darling

{we spent a lovely morning picking blackberries at Just Darling.}

Our Christmas Tree {treading gently on the earth}


{for the second year, i chose an indigenous gardenia as our Christmas tree. We plant it in the garden after Christmas. This year it is also adorned by the beautiful vintage decorations we discovered in a box in our cellar. Most of them are delicate glass ornaments. My favourite one being a beautiful red-and-white glass mushroom...}