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4 May 2015

Our Week {2015: 18/52}

{i think this will be the last swim of the season... the water was freezing}

{last of the tomatoes}

{poor Gemma, snotty nose and horrible cough at night}

3 May 2015

Little Girls

{even though they were both a little sick, they still had time to preen themselves... loads of clips in their hair...too precious girls}

2 May 2015

Beautiful Day


{i made the girls some cardboard phones! the loved it! Gemma kept adding to hers and made 3 of her own at school, which she added to the original one!}
{writing... all on her own... Gemma doesn't like to take instructions... so she practised on her own.}

{Jamie's j's}
{ant climbing up a rock with flower by Jamie}
{Daddy by Jamie}

30 April 2015

Castles and Autumn Scenes

{there are not many castles in South Africa. Our suburb has one. Apparently the owner has abandoned it a few years sad}